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About Us


I was brought up in a well-traveled, natural, nutrition and health focused family in rural Virginia. I have always had a thirst for knowledge and a strong interest in natural health, science, biology and environmental sustainability.

Even as a teenager my brother and I would be in the high school science lab or in our own home built laboratory making concoctions of various sorts. As my professional career progressed in another scientific field (computers), I still found myself drawn to research and naturally solving my own and others' skin problems through homeopathic practice.

As I spent time in places such as Turkey, Jordan, France, China, Japan, and South/Central America, I noticed a similar trend in each country: natural and herbal remedies were the norm, not the exception. I started to deeply study the possibilities of using herbal plant medicine on common skin and health conditions from what I had learned abroad.

Founded in 2004 by CEO Bill Carlson, Natures Innovation, Inc. is a natural, homeopathic and environmentally aware company which develops innovative solutions for the holistic and natural consumer markets. We offer consumers natural, homeopathic and safer alternatives to man-made, chemical based products readily available.

Our Homeopathic Products Division markets the Naturasil™ product line which delivers natural and homeopathic remedies for common skin conditions such as acne, eczema, ringworm, warts, nail fungus, and much more.  We offer over 75 different solutions to those wanting to use naturally formulated products.

Our consumer base extends to over 24 countries and over a million customers world-wide. We are continuing to expand across the world with our recently launched European distribution center located in Manchester, England.

Nature’s Innovation, Inc. also manufactures a line of naturally focused pet care products for issues such as pet mange, pet ringworm, over-all health, and herbal shampoos. These products are backed by medical studies supported by years of research and a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Our Natural Pest Control Division developed the Bed Bug Patrol™ brand to kill bed bugs, 2004. Bed bugs have become a main staple in headlines around the world, but Nature’s Innovation has had a complete line of natural bed bug treatment products for several years. Our Bed Bug Patrol™ line of products includes: natural bed bug killers, bed bug killing diatomaceous earth, bed bug luggage encasement, bed bug mattress covers, and bed bug travel and luggage sprays available at

Nature’s Innovations has also expanded it’s product and brand lines to include a top of the line, extraordinary roll-on pain relieving gel and cream called CobraZol and CobraZol Sport. These pain relievers are homeopathic and use over 8 of the worlds most effective and natural pain relievers in each bottle, including the venom from snakes.  You can learn more at

Other up and coming brands include: Natural Nits, a safe and effective lice and nit treatment; Dr. Berry’s Apothecary line of old-time remedies that work; Proteque, a doctor recommended and clinically proven skin protecting, moisturizing and healing cream; ElimiMite, a laundry additive to eliminate dust mites and several other brands and products.

Natures Innovation, Inc. maintains well-equipped FDA registered manufacturing, research and development facilities along with strict quality assurance to ensure that all products meet the highest efficacy and safety standards. 


I applied what I had learned abroad within my own household, and with family, friends, and employees to perfect my own formulas. By late 1999, I had decided to further my research by putting what I had learned into practice.

In late 2003, I launched the Naturasil® brand with the goal of developing all-natural treatments for common health conditions that are adhered to today.


  • No testing on animals

  • All formulas and soaps are small-batched and hand-crafted.

  • Use organic botanicals whenever possible, from the most reputable farms and suppliers in the world.

  • Support worthwhile humanitarian efforts.

  • Develop all-natural formulas that just plain work!

Our very first product was introduced in late 2003, to treat common warts. Since 2004 we have launched over 50 products within the Naturasil brand, adhering to the same principles.

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